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Valuing uncommon sense


We are a collective of smart, curious people that think differently and live by our shared mission, purpose, vision, and values. These shape how we work, not just with our colleagues, but with clients and partners too.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ‘rewire communications for impact’ and harness its transformative power to advocate, trailblaze and make a difference.

We do this by:

Igniting and empowering the potential of every individual within our company, recognising that each person is a unique spark, capable of creating extraordinary impact. We believe that by nurturing and harnessing the collective brilliance of our people, we can drive innovation, foster an uncommon work culture, and make a positive difference to society.

Embracing the complete range of skills and services across the communications spectrum without constraint*, to create the best outcomes for our clients and deliver world-class work.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to enhance the reputation, recognition, relationships and results of every organisation, institution, and individual we partner with.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a new era of communications that transcends boundaries and continuously embraces innovation to unleash its full potential. In which Hanover is most trusted to transform expertise into action with genuine care and unwavering integrity.

Our Values

Embodied by the mnemonic SPARKS, our values help to drive our inclusive, open and collaborative culture:

  • Show respect

  • Push boundaries

  • All in

  • Remember how good you are

  • Know your stuff

  • Say it like it is

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