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Reputational Resilience

What do we mean by ‘rewiring’ reputational resilience?

Businesses today are operating in an age of uncertainty. An age where reputation management and sound crisis communication strategies are more vital than ever, with risk to brand reputations higher than ever. Disruptive technologies, shifting trends, global pandemics, political risk, moving markets and changing climates are all impacting the world’s health & wealth, environment & economics.

The potential exists to drive change, build a stronger business and positively impact society – but this demands a fresh approach to managing political, economic and social risk. ​ 

In a world where policies, regulations, markets and mindsets are in flux, leaders need to anticipate, understand and make decisions in real time. 

We call it 'rewire'

In this constantly changing environment, businesses must continually rewire. Reviewing their commercial, cultural, technological, and values strategies to build resilience and turn risk into opportunity.

At Hanover, we define resilience as the ability to anticipate, prepare for, and adapt to changing conditions, responding and recovering rapidly from any disruptions.

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Types of resilience

In this context, much is made of the need for organisations to become more resilient but what does this mean in practice? We believe that business leaders can improve resilience within three ‘tiers’ of their business.

Personal resilience

What steps can the business take to build a more resilient workforce at an individual employee level?

Combining employee engagement strategies, digital communication and media training, we offer integrated solutions to help our clients navigate complex internal landscapes.

Our services include:

  • Internal Communications

  • Employee Engagement

  • Art of Engagement Training

  • Creative / Problem Solving Workshops

  • Measurement

Organisational resilience

What steps can the business take to ensure the organisation collectively is more resilient in the face of significant uncertainty?

Our reputation specialists have extensive experience providing strategic communications advice to leading organisations across the world. Through the activation of our high-level media and political networks, we ensure our clients get visibility around the issues that matter most, positively shaping reputations and enhancing resilience.

Our services include:

  • Strategy & Insights

  • Proactive Corporate Communications

  • Public Affairs & Advocacy

  • Crisis & Issues Mapping, Testing & Response

  • Art of Engagement Training

  • Investor Relations

  • Sustainability & ESG

  • Measurement

Societal resilience

What role does the business have to play to ensure that the organisation is contributing positively to wider societal resilience?

Our specialist team, made up of policy, corporate communication and brand experts from across the Hanover Group, take a 360° approach to ensure our clients are shaping shaping policy frameworks and shifting strategies to drive real change.

Our services include:

  • Purpose & culture strategies

  • Sustainability & ESG

  • Proactive Campaigning

  • Partnerships

  • Sponsorships

  • Public Affairs & Advocacy

  • Creative Strategies

  • Internal Communications

  • Measurement

Resilience made real interviews

Hear from leaders and changemakers from across the globe, representing diverse voices and experiences, about how we build personal, professional and societal resilience.

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