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resilience in a modern world

Welcome to the first edition of REWIRE

Welcome to the first edition of REWIRE – a magazine about reputation,
recognition and the constants in chaos from Hanover...

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Turning Challenges into Positives. That's Resilience

Mo Gawdat was responsible for half of Google’s operations when his son, Ali, died suddenly. He has since made it his...


Home Away From Home

How the NFL became part of the British Sporting Calendar


Diversity is the Solution to Resilience

Multi-award-winning wildlife director Vanessa Berlowitz tells us what she has learned covering the natural world,...


Survive... Then Thrive

Hashi Mohamed arrived in Britain from Somalia aged nine, in poverty and recently orphaned. Pushed to breaking point,...



Home Safe

Two thirds of women feel unsafe walking home at night. Budweiser knew it had to act.


The case for strategy in a crisis

If Channel 4 made a gritty docudrama about the last five years, they would call it “Unprecedented”. Indeed, this is what Boris...


Social Net-Working

Is new even new anymore? They do say imitation is the highest form of flattery...


A Slice of Life

Pizza Hut's European CEO Nicholas Burquier talks to Gary Cleland about life on the front line of one of the world's best known...

War Footing

After 13 years in government, the Tories face annihilation in 2024 at the hands of Labour. Or do they? Stephanie Lis, former No 10 deputy press secretary, and Polly Billington, Labour candidate, assess the two parties after power.

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War Footing

The Inside View

The World in a Desert

Amid a global pandemic, Expo 2020 Dubai brought the world fair to the Middle East for the first time. Here are five ways Hanover made it possible...

Behind the Byline

Jess Winch, News Editor at Tortoise

'Behind the Byline' captures the compelling stories and experiences of senior journalists throughout their careers offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of journalism. In this series, we explore the challenges, highlights, and insights gained along the way.

The Digital World Reshaping the Media Landscape

The world is shrinking, so the saying goes. But that is not to say that the globalisation and digitalisation of the planet is not experienced in different ways by different countries. This is certainly true of the view from Dublin.

The Finish Line

And Finally... What's hot on the frontline of a changing digital world?

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    Resilience in the modern world

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