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The fine art of alignment

Four key questions to pose when building for scale.

Finding a comms space that fits

How a brand or business can find relevant opportunities to tell engaging and authentic stories related to its products and services.

From patchwork to principle: three considerations for the Government’s approach to regulating AI

The recent rise of OpenAI's ChatGPT - a generative AI that can simulate conversation, author original stories, and even design new...

Women in the digital environment: An untapped resource

International Women’s Day provides an opportune moment to take stock of progress made and identify what more should be done to remedy...

Bring on the Ides of March: Setting the foundations for Net Zero

March is a big month for net zero watchers. UK Government has until the end of the month to update its Net Zero Strategy, spelling out...

Femtech: Transforming the future of women's healthcare

Femtech is potentially the most important development in health care right now. Women's health has been under-researched and...

How do we counter misconceptions?

We all have misconceptions about topics, from the universal to the frivolous.

VPAS: The importance of making the right argument

With key workers’ strikes, inflation, and immense pressure on public services, arguing for a more generous pricing settlement for the...

Responding to the US IRA: A gamechanger for the old continent?

When a landmark bill was passed in the US in 2022 to attract massive investments for the green transition, the EU had to face up to...

Naming your baby (business)

It’s not uncommon for founders to compare the experience of starting a business with starting a family. In fact, there’s even research...

Three steps to rebuild the UK's defence capabilities

Recent comments from US generals that the British Army is no longer a top-level fighting force have caused concern among officials and...

Labour and business: Walking the same line?

You had to pinch yourself. A room rammed with frontline politicians and business executives on a Monday night. Slick presentation,...