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Shedding Light on Rare Disease: The Importance of Awareness, Support and Health Communications

Rare Disease Day, which is commemorated today, February 29th 2024, serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by...


Finland's Stubb Era: Open, Secure, and International

On 11 February, Finland elected its new President, Alexander Stubb, the National Coalition Party candidate.


Ireland #GE24 or #GE25?

Four years ago on this very day, the Irish people headed to the polls and elected an historic coalition of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and...


In Conversation with MEP Susana Solis Perez: Healthcare, Environment, and the Road Ahead

For the past five years, Member of the European Parliament, Susana Solis Perez, has played a pivotal role in shaping both healthcare...


Building Resilient Futures: What’s Next for The European Green Deal?

Four years after its launch, the European Green Deal stands as a landmark initiative in EU climate policy. But with COP28 concluded...


Experts vs. Everyone Else: How to strike balance in healthcare comms

If you were looking to buy a new car, there would be many sources to consult for information on your purchase - expert reviews from...


The Phoenix of Warsaw: Tusk Rises from the Ashes of Euroscepticism

Political comebacks are rare in politics.  Rarer still for Big Beasts in Brussels who want to re-enter the domestic political fray and...


Navigating the Crisis: Mastering Effective Communication Strategies

A man had died. It happened during the event and so it constituted a crisis.


World AIDS Day: A Reflection on the Power of Patient Engagement

World AIDS Day is commemorated annually on the 1st of December and serves as a solemn reminder of the global impact of the HIV/AIDS...


Everyone’s a winner? How patients, the NHS and industry fare from this week’s VPAG deal

Monday 20th November saw the culmination of more than a year’s worth of work across government, the NHS and the pharmaceutical...


Making the case for a more inclusive approach to COP communications

On November 11, 2021, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was selected as the host country for the 28th UN global climate talks in 2023.


Owning the Room: Viv Groskop’s 5 Tips for Public Speaking Confidence

There is an alchemy to performance. When it comes to public speaking, turning up and being heard, it is the magic of effortlessly...

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