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Environmental & Sustainability Services

Climate and the transition to carbon neutrality are at the top of everyone’s agenda – from policymakers and journalists through to consumers and shareholders.


Increasing pressure from science and citizens has pushed Governments and businesses to adopt to ambitious environmental targets – the challenge now is how we reach them.

A sustainable transition can only succeed when coupled with an economic transformation and a re-think of current growth models. High-carbon footprints, resource depletion, waste challenges, and growing inequality will force a thorough shift of production and consumption patterns.

Our specialist team, made up of policy, corporate communication and brand experts from across the Hanover Group, have built a proprietary 360° framework to enhance reputation, relationships and returns by:

  • Identifying regulatory challenges and opportunities

  • Understanding audience and stakeholder priorities and expectations

  • Analysing the competitor landscape

  • Aligning purpose & culture, improving employee and customer retention

  • Empowering leadership teams to enhance organisational performance

  • Refining cultural, societal, and commercial narratives

  • Encouraging an open & positive debate with stakeholders

  • Shaping the policy framework

  • Shifting strategies and driving real change

Sustainability is no longer just a question of reputation. Sustainability is your bottom line.

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