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Climate change communication and its challenges with Eleanor Ross

Published 13 Dec 2023
Corporate Communications

We advise high-profile international companies and organisations on a range of communications issues in complicated commercial and regulatory environments.

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In this engaging episode, esteemed journalist, author, and consultant Eleanor Ross joins our Group Managing Director, Gary Cleland, for a thought-provoking discussion on sustainability and the growing influence of corporate entities on public opinion.

As public trust in media dwindles, the corporate sphere is presented with a unique opportunity to reshape public perception and behaviour towards climate change. Eleanor posits that organisations can utilise their public trust to champion climate justice, offering a glimmer of optimism amidst the crisis. She emphasises the need for a long-term outlook over short-term gains in the fight against climate change.

Eleanor underlines the importance of tone and creativity in shaping our understanding of the climate crisis, suggesting that they can be powerful tools to shift the narrative. However, she cautions that these elements must be rooted in empirical data and facts.

She further stresses the necessity for organisations to present a unified front and have a confident spokesperson to prevent sustainability campaigns from falling flat. Consistency in both internal and external messaging is crucial to establishing and maintaining public trust.

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