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Digital Communication


Digital News Report Ireland 2023

Reuters released its Digital News Report – an annual publication, in its 12th consecutive year. The purpose of the report is to...


Unravelling Threads: One week since launch

Threads is one week old! The new social media platform has been causing quite a stir. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key...


Resilience through the personal lenses of leaders and changemakers

Resilience has become the watchword of business leaders in the last decade. Constant, unpredictable change has made resilience the...


Weathering the Twitter storm

From mass redundancies, the introduction of Twitter Blue and now a new CEO – we help to make sense of the recent changes and what this...


Olympics 2024: Countdown to the Countdown

Find out how brands can use creativity to solve complex comms challenges during the event and earn an Olympic Halo.


Are headwinds approaching? Ask Google.

For a quarter of a century, Google has reigned supreme over the search and digital marketing landscape. It handles more than 90% of...


Rewiring Communication Strategies for 2023

We live in uncertain times. And 2022 was no exception. The climate crisis, technological change, skills shortages, inflation,...


Cost of living crisis: how businesses can make a positive impact

The phrase 'cost of living' has appeared over 500% more frequently in national media since Oct 2021.


What is the anatomy of a resilient reputation?

Exclusive analysis from Hanover shows the value of corporate reputation is increasingly recognised in boardrooms, as communications...


You cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do

The Spanish painter Pablo Picasso once decreed that “action is the foundational key for all success”. He may have been one of the most...


Reputation strategy in a rewired world

Reputation management has fundamentally shifted in the last decade – from a primary focus on protecting and facilitating business...


Why businesses need to mind the gap between the reality and the perception of their culture

Businesses are sleepwalking into a widening gap between how they present themselves to the wider world and how their employees...

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