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Hanover Launches AI Partnership with InferenceCloud

Published 18 Mar 2024
Corporate Communications

We advise high-profile international companies and organisations on a range of communications issues in complicated commercial and regulatory environments.

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Hanover has launched a partnership with AI developer InferenceCloud to provide a suite of proprietary tools for its clients to provide practical AI applications for communicators.

InferenceCloud is an AI developer with a focus on communications – its tools and services are created to apply AI where it can be of most value to the communications and marketing departments.

This means a new, AI-led approach for analytics, monitoring, scanning media and social media for content opportunities, crisis preparedness and response and content creation.

Hanover said the move was in response to client demand, as well as to meet the obvious opportunities for communicators that AI provides.

Gary Cleland, Group Managing Director at Hanover, said: “A lot of our partners have been tasked to explore how the latest technology can be deployed to good effect within their organisations.

“We want to be the solution. The services we’re developing with InferenceCloud have the potential to transform our clients’ approach to analytics, crisis and content creation.

“This is about using the latest technology smartly to make it easier for our time-pressed clients to do their jobs.

“Everyone we speak to is interested in this, and the demand to understand AI better is only going to grow in 2024. This is a really exciting partnership for us.”

Mark Seall, Co-Founder and CEO of InferenceCloud, said: “There is so much written about AI that it can become difficult for communicators to understand how and where they can actually use it.

“Our approach is to design practical, useful tools that are incredibly helpful to the communications and marketing departments.

“It’s not about replacing the work that people do – it’s about making that work more insightful, more creative and ultimately more impactful.”

InferenceCloud’s clients include leaders in the Pharma, Financial Services, Retail and Automotive Industries.

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