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Navigating Turbulence: The Power of Purposeful Communication at Virgin Atlantic with Laura Brander

Published 19 Mar 2024
Corporate Communications

We advise high-profile international companies and organisations on a range of communications issues in complicated commercial and regulatory environments.

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In this episode, join our host, Gary Cleland, as he sits down with Laura Brander, Vice President of Communications at Virgin Atlantic. With over five and a half years at the helm of the airline's communication strategy, Laura shares an inside look into the multifaceted role that spans corporate narrative, crisis management, brand PR, and internal engagement.

Listen in as she recounts the rollercoaster journey from launching the first flight across the Atlantic on 100% sustainable aviation fuel to navigating the unprecedented challenges of a global pandemic, including having to join forces with competitors to lobby to open skies. Laura offers a candid reflection on the resilience and transformative efforts that kept Virgin Atlantic soaring through adversity. She also sheds light on the power of purpose-driven campaigns, the importance of internal communication, and the role of creativity in the corporate world.

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