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France in Flux: Election Results Send the Country into Political Uncertainty

The French election results of 7 July have plunged the country into a state of uncertainty. While political strategies have...


Starmer's Business Honeymoon: How Long Will It Last?

Rachel Reeves had a clear message for Treasury civil servants after being ‘clapped in’ by senior officials as Britain’s first-ever...


Is the promise of investment a wish too far for Labour?

Shadow ministers believe a glut of new investment will help solve their tax and spend conundrum. It may not require phenomenal cosmic...


New Power Balance, New Mandate: What Europe's Election Results Mean for the EU's Future

Europe has gone to the polls and the results are in. The newly elected MEPs will meet in Strasbourg on 16th July and so begins a new...


The Six Pledges: Keir’s Calling Card offers Labour both promise and peril

Britain’s political commentators think they have spotted flaws in Labour’s new platform. They have missed a more fundamental...


Is The Weight Over? Navigating Ireland's 25kg Limit for E-Scooters

Shared e-scooter schemes look like they may be finally coming to Ireland soon - but will operators be able to meet the strict...


Devolution: The Prospects Under a Potential Labour Government

As the May 2nd Local Elections approach in England, the spotlight is naturally on several key battlegrounds and how the results will...


The Implications of a Big Labour Win

Westminster is waking up to the possibility of a big Labour win. But would a landslide bring the party down?


The Post Varadkar Era

They say a day is a long time in politics. Well never has a truer phrase applied to the events of the past 24 hours in Irish politics....


A closer look at the Portuguese Elections: What’s at Stake for European Politics?

On Sunday 10 March, 10.8 million Portuguese were summoned to the polls to elect their new Prime Minister. The centre-right Democratic...


Ireland #GE24 or #GE25?

Four years ago on this very day, the Irish people headed to the polls and elected an historic coalition of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and...


Ireland's Budget 2024 - Is health the chink in the coalition's armour?

Comparing the health policy in Budget 2024 and Sinn Féin’s 2024 alternative health budget.

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