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EU Policy


New Power Balance, New Mandate: What Europe's Election Results Mean for the EU's Future

Europe has gone to the polls and the results are in. The newly elected MEPs will meet in Strasbourg on 16th July and so begins a new...


Irish Elections: The centre holds, Independents soar and Sinn Féin’s bubble bursts

With over 800 seats filled in the local elections, the national picture has become clear.


Is The Weight Over? Navigating Ireland's 25kg Limit for E-Scooters

Shared e-scooter schemes look like they may be finally coming to Ireland soon - but will operators be able to meet the strict...


The World Rewired: Analysing the Business Impact of the 2024 Elections

Countries with around half the world’s population are going to the polls in 2024. More people are voting this year than in any other...


Making Europe a Powerhouse of Metaverse Innovation: Will the EU Pioneer the Next Tech Frontier?

With a fresh consultation on competition in virtual worlds, the European Commission reasserts its willingness to act early on...


EU’s New Payments Services Rulebook: A Batman in the Battle Against Fraud?

The saying goes: as Batman gets better, so do the criminals. Similarly, as payment systems become more sophisticated, fraudsters...


Finland's Stubb Era: Open, Secure, and International

On 11 February, Finland elected its new President, Alexander Stubb, the National Coalition Party candidate.


In Conversation with MEP Susana Solis Perez: Healthcare, Environment, and the Road Ahead

For the past five years, Member of the European Parliament, Susana Solis Perez, has played a pivotal role in shaping both healthcare...


Building Resilient Futures: What’s Next for The European Green Deal?

Four years after its launch, the European Green Deal stands as a landmark initiative in EU climate policy. But with COP28 concluded...


The Phoenix of Warsaw: Tusk Rises from the Ashes of Euroscepticism

Political comebacks are rare in politics.  Rarer still for Big Beasts in Brussels who want to re-enter the domestic political fray and...


Ireland's Budget 2024 - Is health the chink in the coalition's armour?

Comparing the health policy in Budget 2024 and Sinn Féin’s 2024 alternative health budget.


A Psychedelic Renaissance? The Science and Promise of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

During the 1940s and 50s, groundbreaking research hinted at the transformative capabilities of psychedelic drugs in enhancing mental...

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