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Public Affairs and Policy


Constituency Review in Ireland: Electoral Commission proposes largest Dáil Éireann ever

Ireland’s newly formed Electoral Commission has published its much-anticipated Constituency Boundary Review Report, recommending an...


The Toolmaker's Dilemma

Starmer struggles to gear Labour for Government – but business can lend a helping hand.


The road ahead for e-scooter legislation in Ireland

It’s four years since I first began advising operators on efforts to regulate for e-scooters in Ireland. Since then, it has been a...


Resilience through the personal lenses of leaders and changemakers

Resilience has become the watchword of business leaders in the last decade. Constant, unpredictable change has made resilience the...


Demonstrating Progress: Irish Government under pressure to deliver ahead of Budget 2024

This week, the Irish Government held the National Economic Dialogue 2023, which represents the main method of public consultation and...


The Stage is Set for a New ‘Culture War’

The Creative Industries has been identified by the Conservatives and Labour both as a crucial part of their drive to grow the economy...


Three Key Learnings from the London Defence Conference

With the Government adapting to a rapidly changing threat landscape at home and abroad, the UK’s defence and security represents one...


Labour Marches Forward, But Sunak Feels Safe

There is no way for Rishi Sunak to sugar coat this. Counting is still underway, but Labour have already made gains across the...


The Tale of Two Elections

25 Years since the Good Friday Agreement reshaped the destinies of our two nations, politicians in the UK and Ireland are surprisingly...


From patchwork to principle: Three considerations for the Government’s approach to regulating AI

The recent rise of OpenAI's ChatGPT - a generative AI that can simulate conversation, author original stories, and even design new...


Women in the digital environment: An untapped resource

International Women’s Day provides an opportune moment to take stock of progress made and identify what more should be done to remedy...


Responding to the US IRA: A gamechanger for the old continent?

When a landmark bill was passed in the US in 2022 to attract massive investments for the green transition, the EU had to face up to...

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