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Unravelling Threads: One week since launch

Author Amy Williams
Published 13 Jul 2023
Technology & Media

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Threads is one week old! The new social media platform has been causing quite a stir. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key statistics since the platform's launch, gauge the media and public reaction, identify the features users love and miss from Twitter, and spotlight how brands and individuals are leveraging this platform.

Threads by the numbers

Threads had a remarkable launch week, garnering significant attention and engagement. The rate of growth has been incredible, Meta, said the app had 10 million users within the first seven hours of launch and more than 30 million by last Thursday morning.   

Threads has capitalised on being linked to Instagram which has more than one billion users. People who sign up to Threads will display a link to their profile in the app in their Instagram profile (but there is an option to hide this), this means there are constant visible drivers to Threads which will help its community to keep growing. 

Media and Public Reaction and EU privacy laws 

The media and public have shown heightened interest in Threads, with widespread discussions and debates. Many media outlets have covered the platform's launch and have recognized its potential as a game-changer in the social media landscape. The public's reaction has been a mix of excitement, curiosity, and scepticism. While some users have embraced Threads wholeheartedly, others have expressed concerns about privacy and competition with existing platforms.  

Threads is available in more than 100 countries but is not available in EU countries including Ireland. This is due to concerns its data privacy operations don't comply with the EU's Digital Markets Act. The European Commission is expected to provide more details but this likely won’t happen until September, so currently there is no Threads launch date for EU countries

People sitting down and checking their phones.
Many are excited about Threads, with more than 30 million users by last Thursday morning and widespread discussions highlighting its potential as a game-changer in social media.
European Union flags waiving at Berlaymont building of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.
However, there are concerns over the platform as it's not available in EU countries due to data privacy compliance issues with EU's Digital Markets Act.

Threads vs. Twitter: A comparison 

This is an interesting question that has been raised in the wake of Threads' success is whether it has the potential to overshadow Twitter.  

While Twitter is primarily a platform for public discourse and sharing information, Threads is more about private, personal interactions. Both platforms have their unique strengths, and it is crucial for businesses to understand these differences to leverage them effectively for their communications objectives. Twitter offers a broad reach, enabling businesses to engage with a large audience. However, Threads offers a unique opportunity to create a more personal and intimate connection with customers (Content is only visible if you follow them on Instagram). In the current era, where consumers increasingly value personalized experiences, this could give Threads an edge over Twitter.  

While Thread’s doesn’t include some key features of Twitter like DMs or hashtags – it does cover a lot of the basics that made Twitter so popular. Check out the full breakdown below: 

A graph comparing Threads and Twitter.

How are other brands using Threads? 

With its unique features, Threads presents new opportunities for businesses to enhance their social media marketing strategies. By using Threads to share exclusive content and personalized offers, businesses can create a sense of exclusivity and foster a stronger connection with their customers. This can help them differentiate their brand and stand out in the competitive market. 

Most brands are just copying and pasting what they already post on Twitter, some are experimenting with a less corporate voice. A few have acquired profiles but haven't yet posted. 

  1. McDonald’s and Ryanair, are some of examples of these companies which have been posting the same content as they do on Twitter  

A screenshot of Mcdonald's post on Threads.
A screenshot of Mcdonald's tweet on Twitter.
  1. Brands like Screwfix and PlayStation are extending the tone of voice used in their Instagram and TikTok captions into standalone text posts on Threads.

A screenshot of Screwfix's post on Threads.
A screenshot of Playstation's post on Threads.


Threads' first week has been a rollercoaster ride, filled with impressive stats, positive reviews, constructive feedback, and exciting user engagement. While Threads and Twitter serve different purposes, both platforms offer unique opportunities to connect with audiences. Leveraging both platforms effectively by understanding their unique strengths and adjusting strategies accordingly looks like the best way forward for now.  

At just one-week old, Threads has definitely already made a mark on the social media landscape. While it’s still very much in it’s infancy, it will be an exciting journey ahead. Stay tuned for more updates soon!  

A few common FAQ's

  • Can you delete Threads?  

    Yes and no, this means you can, but it gets a bit complicated. In order to sign up for Threads, users must have an Instagram account. It is not possible to delete your Threads profile without deleting the associated Instagram profile. However, deactivating your Threads profile will not deactivate your Instagram account. 

  • How do you access close friends on threads? 

    This can be done via your Instagram, as it is the parent version of Threads, so you can see and control who sees your content via that.  

  • Is Threads available on desktop? 

    Unlike Twitter, there is no desktop version of Threads as of yet. 

  • Can you do paid ads on Threads? 

    Not yet, although we will likely see it in future as part of their offerings. Instagram also launched without ads as a feature but it is now their largest source of revenue, so we’d expect to see similar progression on Threads. 

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