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Case study

Worcester Bosch: Warming lives, protecting futures

As market leader, Worcester Bosch required support in navigating a demanding and complex landscape, to cement its status as a role model in technological development.

With ever-changing consumer behaviours post-pandemic, ambitious net-zero goals and problematic energy policy updates, challenges are not uncommon in the heating and hot water sector.

Energy & industry

Decarbonisation is here to stay and while top level government’s ambitions are there, the policy and regulatory landscape across the energy and industry portfolio is fluid and highly technical.

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Our focus, since 2019, is to transform the brand from being another boiler manufacturer, providing core home heating information, to being one that plays an important role at the heart of home living. One that, through establishing an emotional platform, can engage consumers and demonstrate its right to lead sustainable conversations and provide solutions to industry-wide challenges through its work. 

Our strategic first step was to redesign Worcester Bosch’s communication methods to suit their core audiences – installers, customers, and media. We took Worcester Bosch into uncharted territories in both creativity, media categories and campaign positioning supported with multi layered storytelling rich in editorial value and resonating with both installers and customers. end installers alike, delivering key messages and campaign developments through rich storytelling. 

One core storytelling pillar is around green technology development, anchored with a core objective to demonstrate our sustainability credentials to the wider public. Through data mining we identified that sustainability is a growing concern for families, with many parents of younger children wanting to instil a need to protect the planet – but resources in this audience group are low. In response, we created a branded storybook – an item that strengthens family connection – that educated 7-11-year-olds on sustainability, a creative first for the historically-reserved business. Following its initial success – a print run reaching over 3,000 school and homes, and a library of consumer media and news features – we extended the campaign with a sequel co-written by a budding young competition winner-cum-author. 

Reactive comms are also required to protect Worcester’s reputation amid challenging times. When the pandemic hit, Worcester’s home-visit practices were put in serious doubt with unclear Government guidelines on work within the home leaving homeowners, and installers, grossly confused. Where others provided quick-win tips, we rewired Worcester Bosch’s communication methods by launching the Safe In Your Home Installer Commitment, an award-winning campaign built to provide rigorous behavioural guidelines that went above and beyond for installers and homeowners across the country – a sector first. Over 4,000 installers joined the initiative in week one, with a post-campaign YouGov poll revealing that 75% of customers now felt feeling safe enough to welcome installers signed up to the pledge into their homes. 


Our work helped us rewire business comms internally and externally, adapting comms techniques for specific audiences through tailored messaging, content types and strategies. This allowed us to position Worcester Bosch as an award-winning authoritative voice in the home heating and living space. Brand awareness has increased year-on-year, surpassing coverage KPIs consecutively for three straight years and securing coverage in every single national media title during this time.  

We have cemented Worcester’s status as the voice of the industry, evidenced by YouGov research recently naming the business as the most recognised sustainable, carbon-reducing heating brand in the UK. Journalists and key decision makers contact us directly for opinions on sector issues, whilst progressively Worcester Bosch are now being offered a seat at the table with Government and high-level taskforces to discuss major environmental issues for a stronger, warmer, more protected future.   

Ultimately, over the last few years we have helped Worcester Bosch transcend out of the core trade media to become one of the most recognisable heating brands during a time where home heating is the highest on the national agenda. 

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