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Communicating Impact: The Power of Television with Laura Wootton, Head of Corporate Communications at ITV

Published 08 Feb 2024
Technology & Media

It has long been recognised that broadcasting, technology, media and telecoms will play a central role in the future competitiveness of Europe and its member states.

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In this deep-dive episode of "Communicating Impact: The Power of Television” we sit down with Laura Wootton, Head of Corporate Communications (Commercial) at ITV, to explore the intricate world of corporate communications in the dynamic media and entertainment landscape. Laura unveils the layers of strategy that define the media giant’s approach to public relations, commercial partnerships, and brand storytelling.

With a career that has touched every corner of the communications sphere – from the adrenaline rush of program publicity to the fine-tuned nuances of investor relations – Laura brings a wealth of experience and a treasure trove of industry anecdotes. She shares her journey through the high-stakes environment of ITV’s media and entertainment division.

Listen as we explore the evolution of media consumption, the rise of product placement, and the role of television in a rapidly changing digital world. Laura reflects on the power of TV to not only entertain but to incite change, shape public opinion, and offer a platform for meaningful social discourse. She also shares her insights on the challenges of maintaining brand integrity and trust in an age of fragmented media consumption and the critical importance of internal communications within a sprawling organisation like ITV.

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