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Steering a Corporate Rebrand: Balancing Heritage and Innovation with Kellanova's Paul Wheeler

Published 19 Apr 2024
FMCG & Retail

Hanover’s Food & Drink team advises businesses at every stage of their life cycle. We work with everyone from start-ups beginning their journey and raising awareness of their offering, to multinational enterprises looking to join up their communications across different territories.

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Paul Wheeler, Corporate Communications Director for the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia & Eastern Europe at Kellanova joins our Managing Director, Global Business Development, Alex Davies, in this episode of REWIRE, to discuss the strategic challenges involved in rebranding, crisis management and the development of a new company culture.

Paul shares his journey from his early days in PR through to his current role at Kellanova, the new entity formed from the restructure of Kellogg's. With a focus on snacks like Pringles and Cheez-It, Kellanova represents 80% of the old Kellogg's brand and faces the unique challenge of balancing its impressive heritage with the need to establish a fresh corporate identity.

The conversation also delves into the nuances of issue management within the food sector, such as sugar content debates, and the importance of brand reputation as an asset rather than a vulnerability. Paul shares how standing up for corporate beliefs, in his experience, can positively impact a brand’s reputation.

He also discusses the role of purpose in modern branding, and stresses the importance of authenticity and relevance to a brand’s space as being crucial for a successful corporate initiative. 

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